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Artificial Intelligence
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your advertising costs
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Publish your ads on Facebook and Google with less work and with better results. Use the same tool corporations like Subway, Coors Light and BIC use.
Now you can use Artificial Intelligence for your business and it is so easy to use!
Provide us with 5 creatives and your target audience. We will create 50 variations of your ad in just seconds.
After one day we will fetch the information of the 50 ads and run that data through our AI algorithms.
The next day, we will test our different AI algorithms to optimize the best ads for your targeted audience.
Finally you will have your best creative and audience running for the rest of your campaign.
Easy analytics and
in every device.
Access your insights in real time in your desktop computer or mobile phone.
Easy to read and understand metrics.
Don´t leave any room for regrets.
Reduce your digital
advertising cost.
Take your advertising in Facebook and Google to the next level using Artificial Intelligence. Companies like Subway, BIC, Coors Light and MGD have already reduced their advertising costs by 52%.
Clients around the world are using AdOptimizer :
  • "I really like the value proposition of your company. I believe that without a doubt it is a good solution for companies, so congratulations"

    Nestor Huerta. Rappi Data Leader
  • "We did with AdOptimizer a pilot program of one month and the results were incredible."

    Juliana Patiño. Subway Marketing Manager
  • "I have an early startup and once I launched the product we started using AdOptimizer. I am obsessed with numbers since I have a marketing research background, so I can say that AdOptimizer works because I got huge amounts of traffic for the investment I did. My overall traffic went up 150%"

    Gerardo Méndez. Founder Ormigga
  • "As many entrepreneurs, we started using Facebook Ads to boost sales. After a couple of months, we had to stop because our CPC was not sustainable for our business. We were spending much more from our budget than we could. AdOptimzer optimized our CPC by 80% helping our e-commerce business reach much more people and leaving us with more time to focus on other things."

    Melissa Solano. Founder Eurecah
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